Reclaiming this Blog: My 40 Day Facebook Challenge


I started this blog with great intentions, only to succumb to laziness and apathy towards writing. It’s a sad state of affairs when you cannot muster up 30 minutes weekly to pump out a few ideas and thoughts onto an easy to use blog platform. I have not done myself a good deed by doing this. But I digress.

I reclaim this blog in the name of…. well, addiction. Yes. Addiction! You see, I have a problem. It’s not uncommon among us of the millennial generation. This problem is called social media; more specifically, it’s called Facebook.

Facebook, my good friend. You have become so integral to everything I do as a person. You help me make social connections, you help me promote wonderful nonprofit causes. You tell me when my friends birthdays are, so I don’t actually have memorize them! It’s much easier to ignore social obligations. If I don’t fulfill them in real life, I can pretend I care on Facebook.

But Facebook, you and I are at an impasse. You have worn out your welcome in my life. The more I use you, the less happy I feel. While I am connected, I also feel huge anxiety to always know, be up to date, and have great responses and replies to all my posts and inputs. I check up on people I don’t care much about. I spend more time on you, taking away time to that I can spend with REAL experiences in the present moment.

So thus, I start my 40 day Facebook challenge. 40 days, no Facebook what-so-ever. Not for work, not for play, not for my social life. I have a lot of drinks riding on this… to fail will be a huge hit to my pocket book!

I am going to take this full on. I am going to learn more about myself and what addiction is. Most importantly, I am going to describe my feelings and experiences here: this slip-ups, the mishaps, the successes, the struggles.

If I fail to make it 40 days, the challenge still continues. I will restart the countdown until I make it. I do not plan for this to happen.

Wish me well! 39.9 days left….