About Me


My real name is Kevin Lignell. Sometimes I go by Kevin Bahadur.

Bahadur (Persian: بهادر‎, is the Persian form of Baghatur, a Turco-Mongol term for “warrior”; it literally means brave. It is one of the most common middle names for Nepali men.

In 2012-2013, I had the adventure of a lifetime working in Nepal for 9 months. As part of an assimilation attempt, my Nepali friend gave me the nick middle name Bahadur. Compared to the average person in Nepal, I was very LARGE. I also liked to work-out a lot. So the name stuck.

I am a writer, serial networker, communications specialist, globe-hopper, do-gooder, activist, sci-fi book addict, and just a person with a high level of curiosity. I like people, their weird mannerisms, and BIG ideas.

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