Nepal: Reboot


What a difference one month makes.

At the beginning of this month, I had quit my job at the NGO, creating intense anxiety and stress about where I would end up next. I entered Vipassana meditation with much hope I could clear my mind, but in turn find my mind very difficult to subdue and calm. I found myself running away to the future, craving for some stability and direction for the next few months. But then something changed.

I have seen a few friends and others go through Vipassana and there’s definitely a difference when they exit, regardless if they keep in practice or not. It’s like years of baggage have come to the surface and realized, and suddenly, good things start happening in their lives. Well, I can say I am lucky to experience the same kind of transition of my own.

In one month post Vipassana, I have landed one job with another potential job on the horizon, moved into my own spacious studio apartment, seen several incredible relationships grow (including one special one in particular) and have even pondered the idea of staying in Nepal with a new VISA. I have also started taking Nepali language lessons.

I can’t say enough how lucky and appreciative I am to enjoy all these wonderful things in my life all of a sudden. After 4 months of life chaos, I refuse to take anything for granted. It seems like many things are coming to fruition, and it’s best to keep living in the moment and enjoy the ride.

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