Ode to 2012…

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Oh 2012 what a year you were! Will there ever be a year again with such adventure, such growth, such courage?

I apologize 2011, you were good as well, but far too often I saw the same patterns of fear, of conservative  choices, of regrets that have been far too frequent in my life. Luckily 2011 you gave the greatest gift of all – of losing something big in my life, reminding me that life is far to short to squander, and giving me incentive to do something unimaginable. But even I did not know the scale of things to come.

2012 began with heartbreak and physical breaks; the confusing end to a relationship and the injury of the legs that keep me mobile. These things that made me so vulnerable I had no choice but to grow, to move on, and to learn from my experiences. I saw an opportunity, a great horizon open like ever before. I reached back and touched an old dream of mine – I would finally visit India! I would travel the world with no regrets.  However, I had some big goals to attend to first.  I needed to reclaim my spirituality, to push my studies into overdrive, to get my confidence back and to figure out my next big career move.

But in 2012, I never made it to India, though the feat wasn’t any less impressive. 12 months after that pledge, I have been captive to Nepal for over 4 months, moved by both its breathtaking scenery and its welcoming people. I may have struggled through my first job here, but I adapted and found something else to keep me here. I couldn’t be happier.

What other gifts did 2012 provide?

  • The gift of patient. So often have in been in situations that have been so far out of my control, I could only watch the chaos engulf me. I had to remain stoic and accept the reality.
  • The gift of confidence. The accomplishments, the support I have received are a factor of the many amazing people in my life, but they have given me the confidence to know I can do anything in life I want to.
  • The gift of letting go. Oh so many relationships have trapped me in my own cycle of clinglyness, loss and despair. This year, I was able to walk away at the right times and follow the path I needed to in order to progress my life.
  • The gift of trust. So many people have opened their literally doors to me, to house me, to feed me, to console me without anything wanted in return. Humanity can be a beautiful thing despite the craziness of it in the world.
  • The gift of friendship. I have forged so many friendships with so many crazy people in the last year. Not just shallow ones either, but really people I know I will enjoy for a lifetime. I am so fortunate for all these people to have come into my life.
  • The gift of family. When I told my family I was moving to Nepal, they were a little scared understandably  However, I am lucky to have some of the most understand and loving family in the world, who continue to support me to the ends of the earth.

Thank you to everyone for the best 2012 anyone could ask for.

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