A Visit to Pharping

I finally get it. Obviously Nepal’s main attraction is its mountains and any traveler would be foolish not to trek and explore them.  But why here, why is trekking in Nepal touted as the some of the best? Well, this week I finally got a little taste of it. I still haven’t made it out of the valley, but I was able to ascend to the top of one of the highest foothills to a place called Pharping. I visited a beautiful Tibetan Buddhist Monastery which boasts a 30 or 40 foot tall Buddha that towers over worshipers. The view from Pharping was epic, and  it made me very emotional. I cannot imagine what it’s like to be among the world’s tallest mountains. It will be a while until I am able to attempt a major hike, but I think it will be worth the wait.
This weekend I also drove out to stay at my friend Shail’s place in the countryside. I have made quite a transition – the boy who could barely cross a street on foot 6 weeks ago has now mastered the streets of Kathmandu on his scooter. Not bad if I do say so myself. I become Nepali more and more everyday; I speak more Nepalese, I eat with my hands, and most importantly I am more relaxed than I can ever remember. I have grown to love and embrace this country. I am interested to see the changes it has already begun in me, and how they will shape me going forward. It is truly an exciting time to breath in life and not worry about what comes next.

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