Nepali Time Conversation Rates

So as I may have hinted before, things move a little slower here. Actually slower isn’t a good word, because if you go by the traffic is more like a chaotic go-stop-go-stop type of movement. Time in Nepal simply moves at it’s own pace. So how do you know how much Nepali time means to a Westerner? Here is a rough guide I’ve compiled:

See you in 5 minutes = You won’t see them for a minimum of 20 minutes
Give us 10 minutes = Anytime from a half hour to an hour
It’s about a 30 minute walk= LOL enjoy your 2 hour walk
I’ll  come in one hour = See you in 3 – 5 hours
Tomorrow I promise = Eh sometime this week
You’re plane might come tomorrow = Who knows when it will come?
Next week = Maybe this month

The struggle is we all want Nepali’s to be more honest with their time commitments, but often we don’t want to hear the real honest answer. That’s because the most honest answer here is often the word “maybe.” Patient is a required asset in this country. 

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