Can’t bring me down

I’m glad I prepared myself for this or I may not still be here. Through jokes and pre-travel banter, I worked up my courage to do this despite knowing the risks. I knew I was going to get sick, I knew I was going to feel alone, and I knew it was going to be a shock to my system.

I think after making it through three illnesses, adjusting to a live of no privacy, and figuring out how to navigate this city with little help, I feel some sense of accomplishment. I’m getting my “travelers badges” as Kelsey so recently posted. So I apologize to those I haven’t kept as good of contact with as I should have. I feel all your support and kindness but honestly It’s been hard to respond as much as I could with all the illness and endless surprises I’ve been dealing with.
Let’s talk about the positives. Today I’m getting a scooter! Actually, this is pretty scary ordeal. Though I have 10+ years experience driving… driving in Kathmandu is more like an adventure sport than transportation. In fact, transportation is one of the most dangerous things you can do around here. Why am I doing this? Well, I am moving out to my host family and they live off in the hills, away from any public transport. Why not get a mountain bike? Well, it would be like riding up a mountain everyday. Not sure if my 60% healed stress fracture legs would be up for the task. Luckily, my driving consists entirely of back roads, so I won’t have to deal much with the crazy highways of death. The house is gorgeous and the property is ideal. Driving there is just a little scary at times. Pray for me.
This has not been the tourist experience I see so many get to enjoy. I haven’t see any historical sites, haven’t visited any temples, I haven’t done any adventure sports. Hell, my office can’t even tell me when they’ll be able to pay me. This is the gritty Nepal. Despite it all, I don’t  feel discouraged. The people here have kept me going. I have the best support from people I barely know, and friends I’ve only known for weeks. It’s my fuel for making it through the tough parts. I’m here to stay, despite the illness, pollution, and other obstacles that get in my way.

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