What I’ll really miss

Today I was listening to a song called Rivers and Roads by The Head and the Heart, which I have officially dubbed my “going away song.” I made through about the second verse singing singing along before my mother unexpectedly burst down in tears. I have been using this song to remind me of the emotional impact of what about I’m about to embark on and to keep my head out of the clouds. It was emotional to me, however, I was still pretty stunned by my mother’s reaction. (Also, she got hit by a car yesterday on her bike so she was a little emotionally and physically sensitive. Don’t worry, only minor injuries sustained.)

Anyway, the lyrics go like this:

A year from now we’ll all be gone
All our friends will move away
And they’re going to better places
But our friends will be gone away 

Nothing is as it has been
And i miss your face like hell
And i guess it’s just as well
But i miss your face like hell

The song is really a perfect summation of feelings you have when moving onto something different. It’s the excitement of the journey coupled with the punch in the gut kind of counteraction you get when realizing everything you’re about to leave behind you love.

As I spoke with someone recently, I have no idea what this journey is going to bring. I have no idea how long its going to captivate me. I have no idea if I’m going to thrive or come running back home. But I do know this. For some reason, this place is calling to me. It’s like a big magnet pulling me towards it and I have to let myself experience everything.

The only real certainty I have is, I’m gonna miss your faces like hell. 

So I conclude by expressing my utmost appreciation to everyone who has supported me along the way. Thanks the support of my mom, dad, my sister, and all my wonderful friends for empowering me to do this.

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