You’re doing what?!?

Big Freaking News.

I am approaching the adventure I’ve always wanted, but been too afraid to do.

On August 20th, I will be moving to Nepal and beginning work with a nonprofit organization. I will be living there for a minimum of six months and potentially up to a year. So I am writing this post because I am sure you will have many questions to ask me.
You’re moving to Nepal? Are you Insane?!?! WHY??
It takes a certain degree of insanity or desire for adventure to do something like this. I have always had this deep down inside me, but I have never cultivated it. I know I need to do this because that part of me will never go away. The timing is incredibly perfect, and I have found an ideal opportunity. 
You just graduated with a Master’s Degree to volunteer? Why are you so dumb?
It’s not exactly volunteering. It is a paid job with housing and food covered. Though the stipend is comparably lower than here in the United States, it is quite a lot of money for the average Nepalese person. It’s a pay cut for sure- but it’s temporary and provides an amazing opportunity I would not have elsewhere. It’s also a much shorter commitment than something like the Peace Corps, which requires you to stay over two years.
What organization is this? What will you be doing there?

I will be working with two organizations, The Institute for Field Research Expeditions Volunteers (IFRE volunteers) and Rural Community Development Project Nepal. (RCDP Nepal). They love strange acronyms apparently. These organizations both place people in volunteer projects in 12 different countries globally – including India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.
Here’s some things I will be doing specifically:
  • Making sales call to RCDP Nepal volunteers
  • Calling  volunteers before they come to Nepal
  • Giving orientation of Nepal once they arrive
  • Writing brochures and other promotional materials
  • Creating video and other audio/visual promotional materials
Do you get free time? What will you do?

It’s a 40 hour job like any other, so I get my evenings and weekends. I will probably do a lot of hiking, trekking, kayaking, and meditating. I hope to meet a lot of locals and travelers while there. Who knows what other crazy things I will discover?
Okay fair enough….so where exactly is Nepal again? Where will you be living?
Nepal is situated in South Asian, directly to the Northeast of India. It is most famous for being a home base for trekkers and climbers into the Himalayan Mountains. It is site of the highest and one of the most famous mountains ever –  Mount Everest. 
I will be living in the ancient capital of Kathmandu. Centuries ago, it was part of the famous trade routes into Tibet and East Asia. Now, it is a global hub for tourism for the Himalayan Mountains.
I have the opportunity to live either in the volunteer home base or with a Nepalese family. Though it may have more challenges, I would like to try living with a family. It is real opportunity to experience something completely different than what I am used to.

Won’t you be lonely? Will you miss me?

I will certainly be lonely at times. I will definitely miss all of you. However, if you know me well enough you know that I am never in short supply of friends. This will have to be the greatest proof of that.
(My future roomies)

Can I come visit you?
That would be the coolest thing ever.

Will you blog about your experiences?
I will certainly try.

Can I ask more questions than these?
I guess.

Will you ever come back to GR?

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