Learning to Trust Yourself.

This year has been a beautiful, growing experience. It has challenged the ways I see myself and others in very fundamental ways. It forced me to make priorities I didn’t necessarily want to chose from. It has made me walk away from things that are beautiful, comfortable and wonderful – in order to take on more daring, precarious, and tenuous positions. I have made decisions that caused pain to myself and others, but were ultimately based in compassionate and respect for the long-term.

Right now, I sit on the cusp of another pivotal point in my life. This moment will decide a lot about the direction I will take for the rest of my life. I am extremely nervous and excited about it all. Nothing will be decided for a while, and the results could challenge me to give up all I know in order to pursue something I am greatly passionate about.

Sometimes there is no logical reason that things happen.. it is just all touch and feel. Often it’s very hard to determine to difference from fear and knowing that things aren’t meant to be.

So what have I learned from it all? 

Know yourself and trust yourself. Take the time to cultivate and understand the feelings that occur way deep down in your gut. Make sure you spend time alone every week doing this. Every single week. Don’t run away when your insecurities are strong – embrace them and welcome them to your consciousness.

And most importantly, remember that everyone universe feels or will feel this way. Nothing is permanent and change effects us all. Those who pretend otherwise are burying their feelings at their own risk.

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