Day 3 Update: What am I really missing?

The most poignant conclusion I have come to after my great deactivation is that I the strongest feeling I have encountered is that by not being on Facebook, is that I am missing out on something. What exactly do I feel I have missed out on?

For nearly 8 years now (when I began college), I have owned a Facebook account. There has never been a tune in this period where I have gone without it. It is essentially been bonded somehow, someway into the social fabric in my life.

But what exchanges do I make it Facebook that are so crucial to my social life? Will my friends forget about me if they our normal communication link is disabled?

However, at least by day 3 this does not seem to be the case. My friends, my network, has had no problem at getting in touch with me – through phone, email or even linked in. Therefore, I think real question I should be asking is has Facebook helped me avoid authentic communication with the people I care about?

When major events happen in my friends and coworkers lives, shouldn’t I be calling them or make my congratulations in person? If I don’t know a persons birthday in real life, is it even worth it to wish them that over facebook? Is it not more authentic in person?

With the new timeline feature, it also raises even more questions. Facebook is going VISUAL. The way we communicate with it is continuing to change. Having Facebook for nearly 8 years, if I have learned one thing about the creators is “don’t get used to it.” Though it inevitably pisses half the community off, I admire their passion towards evolution, to meeting new needs and exploring the far reaches of social networking.

I suppose after three days I have more questions than answers. I need more time to investigate, and maybe read up on people who are trying similar experiences in their lives.

I am going to try to get in some more in depth ideas of what self is, and see how Facebook enhances or complicates them. For now, I’m still in my infancy of Facebook philosophy.

Hope everyone has a great holiday. Sorry you won’t be hearing about my on Facebook 🙂

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