Voting Yes on Transit Millage Makes Economic Sense

To those of us who still pinching budgets, a proposal to increase taxes can make even the most giving person irritable. It’s easy to jump to conclusions on how our money will be spent in ways that will be any particular benefit to us. However, the May 3rd Transit Millage should be viewed as just the opposite; the upcoming millage is an economic investment, rather than it is a nuisance.

Compared to other communities of similar size, we are lucky to have the quality of transit we already do. However, bus transit still creates a lot of obstacles if it’s your primary method of transportation. Look at it this way: For those using bus transportation to commute to work or even to somewhere simple such as the grocery store, it can take hours of planning and traveling each day just to reach the destination. By increasing the number of available lines and shortening the time between stops, we are doing a great service to those who use the bus system.

The economic benefits are clear. For those of us privileged to own and operate our own vehicles, we know the spiking costs required to fuel, repair and insure them. And with gas reaching $4 a gallon, the value of public transportation shouldn’t be any less clear. Supporting mass transit means supporting economic growth, something that every community could use more. The more of us who are able to get to our jobs and spend money at local businesses, the more productive community we will have as a whole. With ridership nearly doubling since 2000, the demand of the service is spiking. It’s time to reciprocate the need.

Deciding to vote yes on the May 3rd vote shouldn’t be hard: A small investment of your money will go a long way in generating growth for this community.

And that’s something we can all stand behind.

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